Friends of Fieldworkers, Inc.
Friends of Fieldworkers, Inc.
  • Our Mission and Our Work

    Our Mission

    Friends of Fieldworkers, Inc., is a non-profit charity established to help improve the lives of the families of fieldworkers in Ventura County. We receive contributions of cash and in-kind gifts (clothing, bedding, books, household items, furniture, etc.), sponsor activities for children, and provide assistance with such matters as healthcare, childcare, education and housing.

    Our History

    Friends of Fieldworkers, Inc., was founded on October 7, 2013, as a response to the Oxnard fire of October 4, 2013, that destroyed the homes of dozens of families and left them to fend for themselves. We collected clothing, household items, furniture, toys, medical supplies and books, and distributed them to as many of the displaced and scattered families as we could locate. From its founding until its incorporation in 2015, Friends of Fieldworkers operated as a subsidiary of The Abundant Table, and received contributions of cash and in-kind goods that were distributed to families and relatives of the fire victims.

    Our Incorporation

    Friends of Fieldworkers, Inc., was incorporated in the State of California on May 13, 2015, as a not-for-profit charitable organization. The IRS granted the charity 501(c)(3) status in November, 2015, retroactive to its founding date.

    Our Founding Board of Directors

    Judy F. Lucas, President  

    Roanna Prell, Vice President 

    Angelica Moreno-Salas, Secretary 

    Ted Lucas, Treasurer

    Fr. Anthony Guillen, Member

    Guadalupe Hernandez, Member

    Reyna Ortega, Member